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Scieval LLC, a growing business located on the West Coast of Florida, provides optics design and engineering services to support both commercial and government programs.

Our engineers and scientists provide designs, components, sub-assemblies and completed products to a variety of industries We have extensive commercial and government experience in the following areas.

Optical Engineering Services

  • 360 Degree Surveillance and Rangefinders
  • Optical wave guides
  • Laser Beam Delivery Systems
  • Opto-Mechanical Design
  • On-Axis and Off-Axis Lens Design
  • Illumination Design, Reflectors and Collimating Optics
  • Optical Sensors
Backlight Systems
  • Pattern Light Distribution (PLD) back light - Scieval patented technology for a filmless backlight.
  • Direct and edge illuminated LED based systems
  • Laser illumination systems
  • Edge lit wave guide devices
  • Cell phones, PDA and personal computer size backlights
Electo-Optical Systems
  • FPGA developments
  • Analogue and Digital Circuit Design
  • Communications Systems
  • Chaotic waveforms
  • Advanced Chaotic Encryption System (ACES)
  • Java Script and C++ programming environments
Integrated Lighting
  • Automotive lighting , cabin, accent and external
  • Architectural, Accent, Stage and Commercial Lighting
  • Avionic cabin and exterior lighting
  • LED based conference room lighting
Measurement Science
  • Radiometric and Photometric Metrology systems
  • Spectroscopy
  • Rangefinding devices for close and far objects
  • Passive radar technology

Solar Energy

  • Solar Energy Collection
  • Hybrid Daylight Illumination Systems


  • Injection molding of polymer and glass optical parts and assemblies.
  • Assembly of electro-optical systems.
  • ASIC design and manufacturing


Scieval LLC, is also proud to offer components and subsystems for sale, distribution and license. We have patents pending and commercial products in the areas of backlights, collector plates, chaotic encryption, ultra low distortion large field of view optics and LED adapter illumination optics available in symmetric and non-symmetric divergence angles ranging from 0.1 to almost 180 degrees. For more information on these products please visit the Products For Sale, Distribution and Licensing. Additionally Scieval LLC has other technologies and products under development in programs targeted for or initiated from government funded Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer Program (STTR).

With Scieval LLC on your team, you have an organization you can depend on. Let our highly experienced staff of scientists and engineers function as your personal engineering division

Please contact us at sales@scieval.com for additional information.





































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